CECD’s organizational values are mainly based on national and international key human rights commitments and development strategies, such as:
  • Law of Georgia on Child Rights

  • Law of Georgia Early and Preschool Education

  • Law of Georgia on Social Protection of the Persons with Disabilities

  • National Strategy and Action Plan for Early Childhood Intervention

  • Decree of the Government of Georgia on Social Integration of the Persons with Disabilities

  • Decree of the Government of Georgia on the Adoption of the State Program on Child-care and Social Rehabilitation 

  • UN Convention on Child Rights

  • UN Convention on Persons with Disabilities

  • EU Association Agreement and Association Agenda.

Based on above-stated legal framework, CECD defines the specific values for its work:
  • Development

  • Collaboration

  • Participation 

  • Tolerance

  • Non-discrimination

  • Equal treatment 

  • Equal opportunities

  • Child development and family sustainability.