Organizational Development Strategy

Organizational Development Strategy
Coalition for Early Childhood Development

Organizational Development Strategy 2020-22

The Goal

The goal of the coalitions’ work for 2020-22 is to improve the state system on early childhood development and family support and from this perspective to ensure the role of the coalition at national level. 

Strategic Priorities 

Strategic Priority#1: Improvement of the child and family’s early support system and relevant services at national level. 

Strategic Priority#2: Ensuring the effective referral and transition, via coordinated cooperation among systems.

Strategic Priority#3: Providing the high-quality early childhood and family support services by service delivery organizations, enhancement the systems of the service standards, professional standards and competences, regulations and accreditations through empowerment of the professionals and promoting the profession via advocacy. 

Specific Goals

Goal#1. Ensuring the consistent system for the timely identification, monitoring of the development and referral to the relevant services of the children with developmental delays or at risk in those rural/regional areas, where early childhood program functions.

Goal#2. Enabling an effective and timely child and family support early development services at national level.

Goal#3. Providing an appropriate accessible services for the preschool aged children with the special needs and their families.

Goal#4. Raising awareness of the wider public on the importance of early childhood development and support of the families.

Goal#5. Enabling the high-quality services in accordance to the international principles and state standards for the support of the child and family. Promotion and maintenance the skilled professionals in the field of the early childhood development.

Communication Methods
  • Conferences, lectures, trainings, ToTs, workshops, seminars, promotional videos, information meetings, social campaigns, media coverage, web-site

  • Networking, meetings, study visits, exchanges, online platforms, social media

  • Developing educational materials and programs, training manuals, training program, curriculum, recommendations

  • Surveys

  • Community mobilization

  • Advocacy campaigns

  • Tutoring, coaching, and mentoring

Target groups
  • Specialists

  • Health, social and educational professionals, experts, social workers

  • Children & Families

  • Wider Society

  • Population of the reproductive age group

  • Authorities

  • Relevant public servants including municipalities and decision makers responsible on ECI policy

  • Media-mainstream media outlets, online media outlets, social media

  • Donors and potential supporters

Fundraising priorities for 2020-22

  • Empowering the municipality personal in early childhood development; designing the specific certified training module for the leadership and staff

  • Promoting the state program on positive parenting in collaboration with the MoLHSA via jointly elaborated training modules

  • Cooperation with the the Ministry of Justice and the penitentiary system on early childhood development issues

  • Working toward the prevention of the child abuse in collaboration with the relevant agencies via INSPIRE model