All children are born free and enjoy equal rights; consistent and sustainable support of specialists, families, state and society ensures the maximum reveal of the individual abilities of a child.
The specific role of the coalition

In five years, coalition positions itself as a leader, promoter, and facilitator of the rights-based ECD public policymaking in Georgia and in the region.

Leader –

CECD will draw on existing practices and further enhance the integration of the rights-based approach in its core activity areas: a) the rights pillar, which includes programs for the healthy, holistic development of young children and families, professionals and caregivers; b) the information and policy analysis pillar that is focused on CSOs and authorities to meet the modern standards of ECD.

Promoter –

through using the ECD rights-based approach in research, communication, and promotion of the best practices; further promotes/advocates this approach among CSOs, target groups, government, partners, and donor community.

Facilitator – 

facilitates the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and experience in the field of early childhood development and emphases on creating sustainable system based on the values ​​of equality. By using its network of partners builds various platforms for policy dialogue. Thus, expanding its network of collaborators and partners to the academic, think-tank and the private sector.